Monday, November 25, 2013

IDEA 4 MICROSOFT OUTLOOK - online version

Today I checked my junk folder to make sure that none of the contacts I met at a recent business conference had been rerouted to its depths.  Because I love to be efficient I extended the width of my browser to the right so I could see more individual e-mails, all I need to judge is the subject line after all.

Then, satisfied that no messages had gone astray I went back to my inbox where I promptly had to change my preference back to allow much more of the message to be shown.  Of course if at all possible I do not want to have to actually open it to read it.

Every time I check my junk folder I am going to want it to optimize the number of subject lines I can see and every time I am in my inbox the two sides are practically inverted. 

Can it be that hard to have you remember my preferences?  
Why not give it a shot.

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