Friday, August 17, 2012


An app that could help you detect if you are colour blind.

The test used to detect colour blindness in a person consists of them being shown a series of images, like numbers, hidden in a circle of dots.  The numbers are distinguished by the colour of the dots and a colour blind person just sees a circle of dots, or sometimes a wrong number. 

Other than the interactive voice element making the test more interesting, and adding links to related resources for colour blind people, like immediately being able to connect to an opthamologist in your area through voice command, I'm not sure how much value the app would deliver over the options above for the development costs.

I've just Googled it and found they already exist, no surprise.
There just appears to be one on iTunes currently with some easy ways to improve and launch something better, including Siri integration, after all some empathy from the 'tester' would be nice when giving someone the news they are likely colour blind, and need to follow up with a doctor.  
Does 26 thousand ratings mean it could get enough traffic to pay for its development with ads?  
Doubt it.  Next idea.

'Why not check the app store first?', you ask?  
I prefer to noodle the idea and let it come to fruition naturally first.  It is an interesting process to allow an idea to germinate on its own - a work-out for the mind.  This may not have been the toughest work out, but each and every one counts.
If I check too quickly if an idea already exists (before sitting down to put pen to paper) I rob myself of an opportunity for some fun thinking and good mental exercise.  Then when a really good idea does come along, I've got a process to capture it.

That's the plan anyway.

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