Monday, February 18, 2013


I have spell-check on PC and grammar-check on my PC. How absurd that they are two separate actions when one would so clearly benefit from the intelligence of the other.  What we need is a spelling/grammar/style review all-in-one.

Many-a-time I have wished that my spell check could understand what I was trying to take in more context when making its best guess as to what I was trying to say.  It seems incredibly limiting for it to so often assume that the first letter in my mis-typed word is the correct letter. Perhaps that is what the numbers would tells us if we were to analyze data on spelling errors, but I doubt it is that simple. 

(Microsoft, if you are not already collecting data on the most common spelling errors and using that info to improve your programs, it is time to do so. I for one would allow you to collect data on my spelling if you were to use it only for that purpose vs. the all-encompassing 'collection of personal data for improving programs' agreement you would like me to enter into now.)

And how about learning from my idiosyncrasies? I often hit the space bar one character too soon, sometime sfo rman yword si na row.  How wonderful it would be if you could pick up on my flaw! I share it generously with you; it is not like I have not given you the opportunity to catch on.

I am not dreaming of tech that is beyond our reach. Find it or fund it, but realize that in our world of the browser becoming more important than the OS, it is time to up your game.  Make this a reason to use Bing again. 

And while you are at it, can we get our e-mail subject lines reviewed as well? 

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